With the latest VR virtual reality technology, you will be able to bring you a more realistic home improvement experience, allowing you to intuitively match your favorite wall covering in a real environment.
Constantly pioneering and innovating, we will create an unparalleled living space for you to create exquisite decorative art.

Product Quality

Quality is the foundation of brand development. Artsky pays attention to every detail of the whole process of production. Its whole series of products selected domestic and foreign high-quality yarn, using imported weaving equipment, digital control product weaving process. In terms of product color control, Artsky’s middle and high-end products all adopt the environmentally friendly non-dyeing and clean water cleaning process, which eliminates the traditional wall covering printing and dyeing process, and select the most advanced yarn-dyed technology. At the same time, the finished product sterilization process ensures zero pollution to guarantee product quality ahead.

Artsky has established strategic cooperation with PICC, and the product quality has been covered by PICC.

Original Design

Artsky is in the design concept of fashion, delicate, comfortable, taste, and it pays attention to the designing of the pattern, process and style, long-term communication and cooperation with foreign design studio and won many product design awards. Artsky is through insisting original design with the integration of flower, color, process and other elements, to provide the market with a new wall decoration art, create new fashion living space.

Artsky design team first initiate industry new product 3D style wall covering based on original design combined with Italian imported technology. It shapes 3D wall covering by virtue of super stable and super fine technology, multi-dimensional present pattern layering and light and shadow changes, and exquisite edge characterization and color processing technology, which provide new design thinking for the industry product development.

Artsky Design Cooperation.

Artsky Enabling Cooperation:

Germany Shohreh

Artsky Design Cooperation.

Artsky Enabling Cooperation:

France Saudemont-designs


Raw Material:
Artsky used base material is natural material to pledge to be like: cotton, hemp, wool, real silk and another contemporary new-style natural environmental protection material, avirulent and odorless, avoided the material such as formaldehyde to human body harmful completely, it can accomplish installation and check in the same day. At the same time, it has better anti-fouling and wear resistance than the old natural no processing materials, There is a strong toughness, and the texture is completely same as cotton&linen or silk material.

Production Process:
Artsky is completely separated most pollution and harmful substances from the traditional textile dyeing and printing engineering. It uses advanced nano yarn-dyed technology which through the raw material yarn dyeing and cleaning and fabrics 120 degrees high temperature 4 hours sterilization cleaning and other unique multi-channel cleaning process to completely solve and avoid multiple pollution of production process of dyeing cloth, printed cloth, wall covering. It creates the most healthy and environmentally friendly decorative materials. Finally sealed into its unique environmental protection coating (waterproof, antifouling function).Therefore, compared with the printing of wallpaper and dyeing printing wall cloth of similar products, it has been insulated pollution elements out of finished product.

Modern new environmentally friendly materials

  • Odorless

  • Formaldehyde free

  • Easy to install

Waterproof and stain resistant

  • Waterproof

  • Easy to clean

  • Oil resistant

Environmental Quality Testing

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