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Boutique experience store franchise plan.

Wall covering products have been involved in many types of store operations. In addition to traditional wallpapers, wall coverings, curtains and even latex paint single-product stores, wall covering products have been settled in some boutique soft-packages, overall soft-packed stores and other hardcover stores. Without exception, traditional single-store stores are the mainstay, with insufficient performance in store design, product layout and scene matching. On the one hand, there is a lack of professional planning and design talents on the storefront. On the other hand, upstream product manufacturers do not have professional service support.

Artsky is willing to change the current terminal sales status and launch "boutique experience store franchise plan."

Boutique visual image helps store sales

Artsky boutique experience store integrates exquisite, fashionable and comfortable as the design concept to promote overall visual image of the store and optimize the sales environment, so as to improve the store identification and promote the sales order conversion rate, additional value of product sales and customer satisfaction comprehensively.

Standardize operation mode to enhance the store level

Special Artsky brand service, standardize a series of sales materials in stores, including sales documents, leaflets, posters, exhibition racks, etc., to achieve the unity of the external image of the store, improve the overall level of the store, so as to reflect the high-end quality and brand recognition of products in the store, and further help stores to achieve sales efficiency.

Differential style boutique effective terminal protection

According to the characteristics of regional market product sales and the characteristics of each store's product resources, we plan and design a variety of store images to match the boutique needs of various types of stores. Highlight the store's advantageous operation and local hot-selling style products, and realize differentiated style custom-made decorative design solutions to protect the terminal's interests.

Exclusive stores style multi-product operating platform

Based on specialty stores and standardized operations, it helps brand stores achieve branding and help stores achieve new profit growth points. Artsky boutique experience store is to help stores establish a soft-packed business platform. It does not require cooperative stores to accept the franchise monopoly mode, and can independently choose to operate product categories and build a soft-sale sales platform for multi-product management.

Meet the future home

Virtual reality technology focuses on the trading experience

Artsky boutique experience store plan mainly highlight the experience service and combine with the latest virtual reality VR experience, which is different from the conventional boutique stores. It sets brand promotion, network marketing, customer experience, consulting service in one online, making the high potential customers orders executed and after-sales service supported from online to offline experience store through the O2O deployment strategy planning. It can help improve the order quantity and transaction success rate of offline experience stores, and provide a solid foundation for online and offline linkage of Artsky brand products.

Boutique experience store franchise

  • 200 square meters experience store layout

  • 120 square meters experience store layout

Artsky boutique experience store plan launched 120㎡ and 200㎡ experience store and other modes to adapt to the current multi-specification store renovation,

Match functional areas such as hardcover foyer, hardcover negotiation area, sample exhibition area, soft decoration scene exhibition area, etc., to realize optimization space such as product display, scene design application and order negotiation, and improve order conversion rate.

  • 120 square façade

  • 200 square façade

Boutique experience store franchise conditions

  • Market elite of building materials and home furnishing industry,
    love and aspire to create a world in the soft outfit industry

  • Have good locations and connections in local mainstream building material stores and mainstream home furnishing malls

  • Good personal cultivation and ability to lead the team, equipped with certain business personnel, after-sales service personnel, shopping guide, in-store designer, construction team, etc

  • Franchisees need to conduct contract experience store projects in person, have good distribution ability and product promotion and after-sales service platform, and put certain advertisements near the business site or in places with dense traffic

  • Recognize "Artsky" business philosophy and operation mode, with good commercial quality and commercial credit, support Artsky unified management, guidance and supervision of experience store

  • Recognize Artsky brand culture, product and design style, and operating items no more than 3 projects (focus priority under the same conditions)

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